Finding the Gold in the Gobbledygook

  • Affecting your job performance?
  • Wreaking havoc in your relationships?
Over the past 20-odd years, I have devised techniques that can help you to:
  • Sleep better
  • Learn to interpret and use your dreams to create your dream life
The DREAM YOUR LIFE/LIVE YOUR DREAM course teaches you, IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS how to:
  1. Manifest
  2. Remember
  3. Interpret 
your dreams, as well as have more restful sleep, using simple techniques and natural products.


I'm going through a bit of a life change now setting up a business and taking a new direction and I've been having quite vivid dreams and I want to understand what they mean and if they're telling me something because of business.  As you know you have to use intuition and gut work. I think dreams issue you the messages, I just don't know what the message is!

I started with fear panic help as the main message people scare mongering opinions deter me from what I want to do with my life… I  should listen to advice take all the precautions but you shouldn't react and abandon  ideas and abandon my heart and what I want to do.

Annika, New Entrepreneur
Hi my name is Irene I'm a client of Sheila's and I have known Sheila for many years and worked with her in a professional capacity and as a client.  I've had different treatments from her over the years and more recently we did some work around my dreams.   I was having this recurrent nightmare and I've been having that since a child and it's the same dream but different, just different themes but it was the same dream, effectively, over and over and over again.  So I was having this dream again and we documented the dreams I was having we dissected them, we did work around them and work around what was going on in my life and it had great results. And do you know what I've not had that dream since and that has been the first time, I mean that's been nearly a year I've not had that dream again so thank you so much Sheila. I can highly recommend her, she is so professional but so approachable and empathic and very, very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.  Thank you, Sheila

Irene Elliott. Principal - So Shiatsu

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Learn how, in 3 SIMPLE STEPS to: *Manifest *Remember *Interpret your dreams and use the information to create the life you dream of...and deserve!
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Join me in a lovely villa in Marrakech and I'll show you - in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS - how to -Manifest -Remember -Interpret your dreams and create the life you dream of...and deserve! The Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream course features the Dare to Dream Delivery System, composed of just 3 steps to get prepare you to "Find the Gold in the Gobbledygook" of your dreams!
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Ditch the Mental Malware with The 8 Team

These 8 flower essences from my range Spirit of Makasutu Essences, were the first essences I ever made -- and for a year they were the only essences I used with clients, with amazing results. Preserved with non-alcoholic Red Shiso (a Japanese mint), the essences can be taken by anyone - plants, children, pets and adults too!
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Students who have completed the DREAM YOUR LIFE/LIVE YOUR DREAM course (online or on retreat) have the opportunity to get tips on improved sleep or present troublesome dreams in a closed FB online forum.

Take advantage of articles, case studies, webinars and discussions to help you to sleep well and dream deep!