Week 3 - The Brain Balancing System™

In Step 2 of the Dare to Dream Delivery System™ , you will learn the Brain Balancing System™ which is comprised of the VAKSA System™   

These short exercises and binaural audio loop are meant to be done before going to bed -- and shouldn't take more than a half hour to do all four exercises and listen to the audio loop.

This step helps to integrate the right and left halves of the brain; greater coherence between the two hemispheres makes the dream interpretation process easier.
Week 3 - The Brain Balancing System™
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VAKSA Video.mp4
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VAKSA Technique - Binaural Audio Loop.wmv
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Homework Week 3: Dream Life Essence Experience
A Dream Case Study.mp4
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Week 3 - The Brain Balancing System™: Quiz