Ditch the Mental Malware with The 8 Team


8 little bottles that pack a real punch to reduce your stress levels - simply and naturally!

What's included in the Course?

Course Agenda

Welcome to the Ditch the Mental Malware Online Course!
Welcome to the Ditch the Mental Malware Online Course!
Course Introduction
2 mins
Week 1 - Brain Gym, Baobab & Red Hibiscus Essences
2 mins
Lecture 3 Thinking Cap
2 mins
Lecture 4 - Baobab
4 mins
Lecture 5 - Red Hibiscus
5 mins
Week 1 - Baobab and Red Hibiscus: Quiz
Week 2 - Prickly Pear, Pink Oleander
Lecture 6 - Prickly Pear
5 mins
Lecture 7 - Pink Oleander
6 mins
Week 2 - Prickly Pear, Pink Oleander: Quiz
Week 3 - Quiz on First Four Essences
Week 3 - Weeks 1 &2: Quiz
Week 4 - Welcome Back to the Meet the 8 Team Course!
Lecture 8 - Welcome Back!
1 min
Lecture 9 - Brain Gym Pt 2
2 mins
Lecture 10 - Hawaiian Bell
5 mins
Week 5 - Coyote Mint and Orange
Lecture 11 - Coyote Mint
4 mins
Lecture 12 - Orange
4 mins
Week 6 - Angel's Trumpet and Additional Information
Lecture 13 - Angel's Trumpet
5 mins
Lecture 14 - Additional Material
9 mins
Week 6 - Final Quiz
Congratulations! You've reached the end of the course
I Hope You Enjoyed the Course!
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What Exactly ARE Flower Essences?

Flower essences have been used as a form of healing for a very long time. There is evidence that suggests the use of flower essences in ancient Egypt, while  Australian aborigines have long known of the benefits of sitting beside a particular flower in order to receive its healing frequency. 
Essences can be thought of as a healing modality which is based on the capacity of water to hold, store and transmit information.
They can also be considered emotional tuning forks, helping us back to a balanced state when we are “out of tune” with ourselves and others.
The modern day expert who is acknowledged as the "father" of flower essences is Dr. Edward Bach. Edward Bach was a renowned physician who gave up his Harley Street medical practice to develop flower essences. His objective was to “treat the person, not the disease.” 

What Essences are NOT

Essences are not essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy.  Essences are the energetic signatures of plants, animals, environments, crystals, etc. captured in water and preserved with alcohol, glycerine, apple cider vinegar and red shiso.  Essences do not have any scent, as opposed to aromatherapy oils, which are distilled from plant material.

How do Essences Work?

Essences often work by bringing about or heightening our understanding of what might be wrong with us. You yourself, however, have to be aware, watch for small signs, and note how you feel. You often only know what you are by knowing what you are not! 

How are Essences Taken?

Essence drops can be put directly on the tongue, put in a small glass of water and sipped, put in the bath or room spray, put in a burner or rubbed on pulse points.  How they are applied is immaterial – some people are so sensitive to their vibration that they only need to hold an essence bottle!

Finding the Gold in the Gobbledygook

  • Affecting your job performance?
  • Wreaking havoc in your relationships?
Over the past 20-odd years, I have devised techniques that can help you to:
  • Sleep better
  • Learn to interpret and use your dreams to create your dream life
The DREAM YOUR LIFE/LIVE YOUR DREAM course teaches you, IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS how to:
  1. Manifest
  2. Remember
  3. Interpret 
your dreams, as well as have more restful sleep, using simple techniques and natural products.