Discover the Gold in the Gobbledygook of Your Dreams!

What's included?

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Course Syllabus

Dream Your Life Intro.mp4
3 mins
How to Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream at Your Leisure
A Born Dream Detective.mp4
3 mins
Course Schedule
Course Agenda
Irene Testimonial 1min23.mp4
2 mins
Sherine Course Testimonial.mp4
8 mins
Annika - A New Entrepreneur
The Dare to Dream Delivery System™
Week 1: Course Introduction
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Freud vs Jung: Dream Content
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Dream Life Essence.mp4
2 mins
Info and Use of Your Dream Life Essence.pdf
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Homework Week 1: Bonding with Your Crystal
Dream Your Life Live Your Dream Webinar.mp4
50 mins
The Dare to Dream Delivery System™: Quiz Week 1
Week 2 - The Clutter Clearing System™
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Crystals for Crystal Clear Dreams.mp4
3 mins
Clear Clutter Essences.mp4
1 min
Mudras for Sweet Dreams.mp4
5 mins
Homework Week 2: Mudras
Understanding the Language of the Heart with Flower Essences
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Week 2 - The Clutter Clearing System™: Quiz
Week 3 - The Brain Balancing System™
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VAKSA Video.mp4
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VAKSA Technique - Binaural Audio Loop.wmv
15 mins
Homework Week 3: Dream Life Essence Experience
A Dream Case Study.mp4
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Crystal(s) Clear and Calm for Workplace Stress.mp4
2 mins
Week 3 - The Brain Balancing System™: Quiz
Week 4 - The Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor™
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Freud vs Jung Dream Analysis.jpg
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Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor1.mp4
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Homework Week 4: Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor
Mudras for Travel Back Pain.mp4
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Week 4 - The Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor™: Quiz
Week 5 - Honouring Your Dream
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Honouring Your Dream.mp4
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Homework Week 5: VAKSA Technique
Steph Testimonial.mp4
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The Essence(s) of Memory.mp4
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Week 5 - Honouring Your Dream: Quiz
Week 6: Putting it all Together
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Homework Week 6: Putting it All Together - Wrap Up
Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream Online Course Survey
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A Dream Case Study.mp4
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Master Class Mudras.mp4
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Course Agenda

Week 1
·       Introduction to the course 
·       The Unconscious and Dreams
·       Journalling
·       Taking Your Dream Life Essence
·         Honouring Your Dream (video)
·         Clear Clutter Essences (video)

Week 2
Step 1 - Clutter Clearing System™ 

·         Bonding with a crystal
·         Taking your essence
·         Mudras
·         Essences (video language of the heart)
·         Mudras ( Video)

Week 3
Step 2 – Brain Balancing System™
·         Visual
·         Audio
·         Kinesthetic
·         Spiritual
·         VAKSA Technique (video)
·         Audio Loop

Week 4
Step 3 – Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor™
·         Hub and Spoke
·         GGE Form

Week 5
Honouring Your Dream
·         Example of How to Honour a Dream
·         How will you honour your dream?
·         Report on how dream honoured

Week 6
Example of a Dream Interpretation
·         Where are you now?
·         Course Evaluation
·         Course evaluation forms 
·        Receive CPD certificate (if requested)

Homework Assignments

Week 1
Bonding with Your Crystal

Take one of the crystals you received that “calls” to you and wear it on your person for 7 days; on the 7th day, meditate with the crystal. Note in your journal any thoughts, feelings, impressions, images, etc that you receive

Week 2
Practice one of the mudras for 1 week
– note in your journal your feelings, thoughts, sensations before and after doing the mudra

Week 3
EssencesYou have been taking the
Dream Life essence blend for 3 weeks now – what shifts in your emotional state have you noticed, and when did they occur (e.g. week 1, 2, immediately, etc). Explain how you have been using the essences, e.g. spray, in a burner, by mouth, etc.

Week 4
Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor™
Using the Gold in the Gobbledygook Extractor™,
break down one of your dreams and write in your journal what insights, thoughts, feelings came up as a result
  ·         GGE form (pdf)

Week 5
Honouring Your Dream - Describe how you will honour your dream (present your method)

Week 6
VAKSA Technique™
Thinking about the tools you learned in the Brain Balancing System™, i.e. the VAKSA Technique™,
apply them to a current situation in your life; note what occurs and when in your journal and whether the shift occurred faster or slower than during the course.

Remember, these tools can be applied to other areas of your life!

A Dream Case Study

In this short video, I describe the work I did with a counselling client and her dreams

Finding the Gold in the Gobbledygook

Affecting your job performance?
Wreaking havoc in your relationships?

For nearly 25 years, I have devised techniques that can help you to:
*Sleep better
*Reduce stress
*Understand and work to eliminate root causes of stress
*Use your dreams (and nightmares!) to create your dream life

An exploratory call will help clarify which areas of your life are causing imbalance and provide simple, natural tips for immediate relief and support.


What are the Different Types of Dreams?

Although there are many types of dreams as there are dreamers, there are three types that I have found to be the most prevalent:

a)    “Emotional smokestack”
I call these daily “housecleaning” dreams: these dreams are the most common – they help us digest the “remains of the day” – e.g. someone cut you off at work, you had an argument with your boss or spouse, etc.  These help “clear the decks” of undischarged stress – a sort of emotional smokestack.

b)    Healing/problem solving
The unconscious mind focuses the dreamer’s attention on an unbalanced state (whether in body, mind or spirit) and suggests a way (or several, if you don’t “get” the message right away!). These dreams, however demand that the dreamer by psychologically strong enough to avoid being overwhelmed by the unconscious (as in the case of people diagnosed with schizophrenia or paranoia).  As long as the inner psychological situation acknowledged and understood, we become subject to constant, nameless anxiety.

c)    Prophetic
These are what I call “big medicine” dreams – those dreams of such great importance that you never forget them…even if you don’t remember all the details! Several of my own “big dreams” have not only literally saved my life – they brought my second husband back into my life, so I’m truly a believer!

These dreams often foretell the future (sometimes years in advance!) but always contain a message and a choice – the outcome is determined by how your respond (or not!) to the message.

 WHY are Dreams Important?

“Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious

                                                              -Carl G Jung

In the 20th century, renewed interest in dreams emerged, with studies of a more scientific nature taking place from World War 2 onwards.  Laboratory studies with ECG machines showed that a certain type of brainwave  and REM (rapid eye movement) occurred in EVERYone, whether they recalled their dreams or not!  It had also been demonstrated that REM (i.e. dreaming) is a psychological need. Experiments which were carried out, during which subjects were deprived of REM – either by waking them at the start or by the use of drugs which suppress REM, the subjects soon exhibited symptoms of:

·           Anxiety
·           Irritability
·           Poor concentration

In addition, people who were alcohol- or drug-dependent would dream constantly, once they were no longer drinking or taking drugs.  In extreme cases of alcohol addiction, the “DTs” (delirium tremens) or hallucinations experienced by alcoholics, appear to be the breakthrough of REM into their waking hours.  In all cases, it was determined that REM was essential for good health.

What exactly ARE Dreams?

“Don't ignore your dreams, in them your soul is awake and you are your true self.” 
                  ― Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity 

If you were told by someone that every night you were given a gift that helped you with your life and soul and was completely free, would you believe it….or accept the gift? You CAN believe it, because it happens every night that you dream! The unseen world of our psyche is revealed to us in our dreams, symbolising the reality of our inner life.  Every dream should be preceded by the words “it is like this with your soul this day.”  Dreams can be said to express the thoughts of the unconscious mind, but they are quite different from those generated by the conscious mind (i.e. the part of us that says “I”).  Whereas the conscious mind works with words and concepts, the unconscious mind speaks with symbols, images and stories (parables).