Welcome to the Sleep Well & Dream Deep FB Group!
January 11, 2019
The Sleep Well & Dream Deep FB Group is where mysterious, scary or just plain crazy dreams come to life and where tips for sweet dreams can be found!

This group is designed to give ongoing online support to students who have completed my online dream interpretation course.  You will have access to the group FOR FREE for 3 months (£60 value) after which you will receive a 50% discount monthly (£10/month).

The  group re-creates that same collaborative work in a monthly closed forum for members (and people they refer!) to bring questions about natural ways of improving sleep as well as help with troublesome dreams.

In addition, members of the group who refer non-members to the group for assistance will also earn a referral fee!  Just give guests the link below to join:

To get a flavour of the impact working on your sleep and dreams can have, watch the video below; Irene explains how working with me on her sleep and dreams impacted her life.
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£8.33 / month
Members who have completed an online course or have gone on a retreat get a 50% discount on the monthly membership!
Includes access to 1 product:
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£16.67 / month
Non-members of the FB group can still present a dream or get tips to improve sleep on a one-off basis
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