Technicolour Sleep: Using Colour for Sweet Sleep
June 29, 2019
Colour Your World...and Your Sleep
Colour is an integral part of our world from the moment we're born - we first recognise things by colour, then by shape and finally we cognitively put them all to together to understand objects in our world.

We often feel the impact of light and colour on our moods and health - including our sleep!

Colour in Your Bedroom
Colour in your bedroom should be muted - red, for example may put you in the mood -- but it won't help you SLEEP - red is a stimulating colour and will not make for a restful night.

The best colours are pastels - particularly, pale blue, green or violet.

In this 3 part series, I'll look at how the energy of these colours can help create a relaxing environment to fall and wake up feeling rested.  Each colour will be given suggested essential oils, flower essences and crystals which emit the energy of the colour in question.

Instructions for Use:
Aromatherapy Oils (essential oils) - 2-3 drops in a burner OR 1 drop on a tissue/handkerchief 30-45 minutes before bedtime.  As the oils are working on an energetic level, LESS IS MORE! To ensure safety, I have not given instructions for using the oils in massage - this requires a full consultation to ensure that the oils used are best for you and safe with regard to your health.

Flower/Vibrational Essences - Use as directed by individual essence producers; can be taken by mouth, put on pulse points, put in a burner or bath.  As essences work on the energetic level, they do not interfere with any medication or medical treatment whatsoever.

Crystals - Crystals work slowly (in most cases) and need time to impact your energy system; it is therefore suggested that the crystals be worn on your person for at least a couple of weeks or have them in your environment (e.g. office desk or living room table).

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