Technicolour Sleep Pt 1: Blue
June 29, 2019
In part 1 of the Technicolour Sleep Series, a look is taken at the colour blue and it's impact on your sleep and wellbeing.

Sleep Your BLUES Away
Pale blue is a deeply calming colour -- think of how you feel looking up at the sky on a sunny day or a starlit night.  Blue has a sedative effect on the physical body - shining blue light at the right frequency on the body has been used to reduce inflammation and swelling.  Blue's cooling and calming effects can turn down the heat on a sprained ankle....or an overactive mind!

In Ayurvedic medicine, blue is linked to the throat chakra, which has an obvious link to communication.  The throat chakra acts as an emotional smokestack; when this chakra becomes blocked, throat problems can develop and communication with others more difficult.

Blue also has spiritual connotations - the sky, the mantle worn by the Virgin Mary and the cloak of Archangel Michael are all blue.

The video below suggests essential oils, flower essences and crystals which are either blue or emit "blue" energy.

In part 2 of the Technicolour Sleep series, a look will be taken at the colour green.
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