Technicolour Sleep Pt 2: Green
July 06, 2019
Green is Your (Sleep) Valley
Human eyes are particularly sensitive to the colour green - which is the most balanced, harmonious and restful colour in the colour spectrum. 

Emotionally, the colour green represents relating to everyone and everything around us and the balancing of our individual needs with those of others. 

On a mental level, green suggests the patterns and cycles of our thoughts, particularly those laid down in our childhood.  Breaking away from those childhood patterns and ties, while difficult, must take place, in order for us to grow into independent adults.    Think of how we flee to the park or a garden when we need to "take a break".  Taking time out to find our inner balance, especially as much of modern life is spent indoors - is vital.  Getting out in the fresh air and walking among greenery is not only good for the soul -- but for getting a good night's sleep as well.

In Ayurveda, green is associated with the heart chakra -- located exactly in the middle of the 7 chakras or energy centres of the body.  The immune system is also linked to the heart chakra -- remember how, as children, an instant cold or bug could develop when we didn't want to go to school?  When we "lose heart" our immune system crashes!

The video below suggests oils, essences and crystals that are either green in colour, smell or energy.
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