Technicolour Sleep Part 3: Violet
July 13, 2019
In the third and final part of the Technicolour Sleep series, we turn our attention to the colour violet.

No Shrinking from Sleep with Violet!
In centuries past, violet/purpose was only for the rich and powerful, as it was a rare colour.   Today, it is seen as a spiritual colour and linked to healing.  Violet is a combination of red and blue - which are located at opposite ends of the colour spectrum - which  means that violet can absorb/handle any energy in a given situation to increase wellbeing.

Violet is associated with the head - the ancient Romans used amethysts as hangover aids!  Again the properties of being a combination of red and blue is representative of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, enhancing balance and coordination between both halves of the body.

Violet also has long been linked to spirituality - the colour encourages empathy and selfless service to others; in Ayurveda, violet is associated with the crown chakra, which is our connection to the realm of Spirit.  Violet can be a link to the source of inspiration as well as psychic ability, as it helps integrate the spiritual and mundane aspects of life.
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