From Wall Street to Wellness
August 13, 2019
Moving from promoting financial products to encouraging wellbeing not only saved my life, it transformed it.

But my journey to promoting health wasn’t a straightforward one.  Despite working in the financial sector for nearly 15 years – and making a pretty decent living doing it too! – my vision became worse staring at computer screens for clients all day and the hard living/hard drinking lifestyle after work never appealed to me (which ensured that I was seen as an “outsider”), I was frustrated…and I knew why.

I wasn’t being who I truly was, doing what I really loved.

Staring for hours at computer screens, late nights, hard drinking and wild living with little time to rest and regenerate myself was NOT the person I wished to be – and a recent visit to the health suite of the company I worked for (routine checkup) indicated I was borderline hypertensive. 

Hypertensive – when I had always had LOW blood pressure…it was time to take stock and make a change!  I was paid well, but not well enough to drop dead for my employers (and someone else spend the money I worked hard to accumulate)!

My First Love
My first love had always been healing – growing flowers with my mother as a child on our fire escape in the Bronx or massaging relatives and animals were a joy to me.  I became qualified in reflexology, even while working in commercial banking and then stock brokerage on Wall Street.  

It was, however, my first husband’s terminal illness that turned me firmly back towards my first love; I used to give him reflexology treatments in the hospital and when his roommate said he’d love to have a treatment (which I happily gave!) – my career as a therapist was born. 

Following My Dreams….and My Heart 

After my husband passed away I spent the next couple of years learning new skills and getting myself together – I left NY for LA for the second time to give myself space and time to heal.  It was in LA that I started my journey back towards my dream life….and to me!  Things were calm, but I still felt empty – and then the dreams started

I kept dreaming of an old boyfriend – whom I had met in London years ago and had had a 6 year, long distance relationship with.  Strange dreams that haunted me for months and disturbed my sleep.  I finally decided to write a letter to the last address I had for him and once I sent the letter off the dreams stopped, never to return.  I eventually found out why…. 

About four months after I sent off the letter to my old boyfriend, I got a phone call – it was my old flame calling!  The reason why it took so long was that I had transposed the numbers of his apartment…and his NEIGHBOUR got the letter and passed it on.  And so it was 18 years after we first met that my second husband and I married  and it was like a New York minute on a divine scale – who else but a New Yorker would find her second husband before she married the first? 

From the Heart of the Financial World to the Heart of Healing
The transition to full time healing work was gradual; upon moving to London, I continued to work in the banking sector, and landed a job with one of my former clients at Canary Wharf for a time, while I trained in various other therapies.  In the ensuing years I added: aromatherapy, Indian head massage, crystal healing, flower essences, reiki, dream work and psychotherapy to my skill base, or as I prefer to call them, my tools. 

I had, in the process, completely lost my taste for the financial world, and eventually found work near home as a medical records coordinator in a local GP surgery.  

I eventually became a full time therapist with a small charity which delivered complementary therapies to local communities in London; during that time I ran a Lottery-funded prograqmme in my own community for 6 years, with a £250,000 budget.  However, after 15 years with the charity I left to begin my own stress management consultancy.

It’s now been 25 years since I went from Wall Street to wellness – and how and with whom I work has changed – I now create tailored programmes to help clients to sleep better and to use their dreams to help create their dream lives as The Dream Detective

And in case you’re wondering…with regard to my blood pressure and vision – BOTH improved after leaving the world of finance and the best testimonial of all that I made the right decision However, it took a strange and frightening dream that pushed me into returning to myself and my first love, which was healing.  

To find out more, read my article, A Shipwreck Waiting to Happen

My journey back to myself wasn’t a straightforward one – but it’s been the best journey of my life so far!

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