A Shipwreck Waiting to Happen
August 13, 2019
A dream saved my life – literally.  Or, rather, a recurring dream for a year kept delivering the same message until I “got” it – thankfully, I did understand the message, or I may very well may not have lived to tell the tale.

Shivers and Shipwrecks in the Night
My dream – which haunted my waking as well as sleeping hours, kept sending me warnings of a shipwreck.  “Shipwreck?  What is THAT supposed to mean?” I wondered.  I hadn’t been anywhere near a ship, didn’t know of anyone travelling on a ship and wasn’t planning on getting on one.

All I DID know – was that the dream repeated almost every night – and my blood literally ran cold and I felt scared when I even thought about the dream.  

On the Trail of a Dream
The only thing I could do was write down the elements of the dream I could remember and figure out the message the frightening images were meant to convey – and quickly!  After writing down what I could remember, I began breaking the dream down, listing every image, sound, etc. I could recall.

During this time I was also working on paperwork to have my husband relocate from London and join me in New York – which was a massive struggle.  I initially thought the dreams had to do with this – but upon analysis of the dream, this didn’t “fit” (and you know when you’ve make the right interpretation of a dream – it “clicks” noticeably in your mind) – and in any case, did not ease the sense of foreboding associated with the dream.


I struggled with the dream, unable to make head or tails of it – very unusual for me, as I have spent my entire life studying, listening to and interpreting dreams – mine and those of others.  I put it aside as best I could, knowing that my unconscious mind would keep working on understanding the dream’s meaning in the background.

After a fruitless struggle to get a visa for my husband to enter the US, I finally decided to return to the UK instead and began to pack my things for a cross-Atlantic move.  And the dreams stopped.  Once I made the decision to move back to the UK to rejoin my spouse, the fear and dreams magically fell away abruptly, without explanation.

Ignorance as “Bliss”?
It wasn’t until a year later that I understood the message of the dream – when I watched the building I worked in collapse along with the Towers on 9/11.  The shipwreck bit finally made sense – airplanes used to be called “airships” once – and two such airships had slammed into the Towers that day.  As I worked in a building connected to the Towers and passed through them every single day, several times a day as part of my work and journey to work – I certainly would have been caught up in the madness of that day.  I’m convinced I wasn’t meant to learn the full meaning of that dream – I believe it would have literally frightened the life out of me, knowing something so terrible was about to occur and being unable to do anything to stop it.  My family and friends, as it happened were all safe; however, colleagues of mine in London ended up losing friends and family – how ironic, since I was the New Yorker with family all around the city and those unfortunate souls were far from home.

My Wake Up Call
It was then that I began to change my life – leaving behind banking and going back to my first love – nature and healing.  I couldn’t have received a louder or more strident wake up call.

I would come out of the experience even more powerfully convinced of both the power of dreams and my calling to help others to understand their own dreams.  

My dream had literally saved – and changed – my life.  

I look at my journey from banking to healing in my article,  From Wall Street to Wellness.

Have you ever had a dream so powerful it marked you forever? 

Learn how you can
enjoy peaceful sleep and powerful dreams that can literally change your life!  

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